Fitzgerald (Civil Engineer Contractors)

Centenary Square

Fitzgerald Contractors were awarded a £5M contract to redevelop 16,000 sq.m area at Centenary Square. The area is adjacent to Birmingham Library, the Rep Theatre, new Midlands Metro and ICC building and receives high pedestrian footfall. Our works are fully segregated from pedestrians by hoarding which allows unimpeded access to numerous surrounding buildings, and to date we have received a very low number of queries / complaints.

There are a number of other construction projects in progress during our contract period, and our pedestrian management seamlessly integrates with surrounding pedestrian flows.

The site team have recently been planning and preparing for the Conservative Party Conference which takes place in late September, this has been effectively programmed with alternative works programmed to ensure that this event, and others like it (German Christmas Market upcoming in December), run as planned, whilst ensuring that the programme duration is maintained.

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