Fitzgerald (Civil Engineer Contractors)

Public Realm

We are committed to furthering best practice on public realm schemes and playing a major role in “place making” and creating sustainable environments.
Public realm can be highly complex working environments with frequent pedestrian and traffic movement. At Fitzgerald, we are passionate about ensuring a top-down commitment to customer and stakeholder care whilst undertaking public realm projects across the UK.

Sandwell College

£1.5 million

This scheme incorporated section 278 works to the new £77 million campus in West Bromwich. The scheme was integral to the regeneration of one of the UK’s most disadvantaged regions.

The 15 week programme incorporated a high quality landscaped piazza which links the entrance of the new college to the main pedestrian routes from the town centre and Metro.

Public realm works to the piazza consisted of premium paving and seating areas. Additonal works included surfacing works to a car parking area along with gabion walls.

Hagley Road, Birmingham

£1.1 million

This scheme involved section 278 highways works on both Hagley Road as part of the development of a new Morrison’s supermarket. Due to traffic flows, a critical element of the scheme was the realignment of Hagley Road right up to the Broad Street diverge. This is an arterial route into the city with no true tidal flow of traffic meaning any restriction had an immediate and lasting effect. Due to this all surfacing was done out of hours, even then these works were continuously monitored to ensure disruption was minimised.

Eagles Meadow, Wrexham


The Eagles Meadow scheme involved the £110 million redevelopment of a former car park and old supermarket site to create a new residential, retail and leisure destination in the Smithfields area of Wrexham Town Centre.

Our package of works involved the public realm works fronting the new development and incorporated highway improvements, hard landscaping, traffic signals, retaining walls, signing and street lighting and the resurfacing and improvements to an existing car park incorporating civil engineering, resurfacing and road markings.

The scheme involved extensive pedestrian and traffic management and liaison with shop frontages in the busy shopping area fronting the development. The scheme also had to be managed in an efficient and programmed manner to accommodate the car park closure.

Edgbaston Mill

£3 million

This scheme involved the construction of new carriageway, installation of drainage and utility services on a brownfield site with associated paving, soft landscaping, traffic signals and street lighting. The scheme also encompassed improvements to 0.7km of an existing dual carriageway as part of the Section 278 agreement. This prestigious scheme is set around a new square and will ultimately provide retail, restaurant, leisure, office and hotel facilities.

Royal Shakespeare Theatre

£1.5 million

These works were undertaken as part of the £110 million construction management project to redevelop the Grade 2* Listed Theatre in Stratford upon Avon. Our works incorporated all of the hard and soft landscaping works around the perimeters of the Theatre.

During the works space was limited as we were working in a constrained area within a hoarding and some of the works were adjacent to the river and presented both a safety and logistical challenge during construction. To overcome this a pontoon was floated into the River Avon to enable remedial works to the existing river retaining wall to be undertaken in a safe manner, whilst at the same time providing a “safety platform” for the workforce during the works to the Boardwalk.

Bull Ring Birmingham

£5.5 million The principal work content was highway improvements and external paving the works included French Limestone in steps and ramps, Chinese Granite paving in walkways, cladding and ramps and Mistral paving in walkways and ramps. Highway reconstruction, footway construction and installation of pedestrian crossings. Improvements to signalised traffic junctions and extensive lighting and signing.

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