Fitzgerald (Civil Engineer Contractors)

Countryfile visit to Beanhill Brook Scheme

On Friday the 9th of March Fitzgerald were visited by BBC Countryfile at their scheme at Beanhill Brook Telford. The episode is scheduled to be aired on Sunday 25th March 2018 as part of their Shropshire special. Matt Baker immerses himself in Shropshire Wildlife Trust’s Love Your Rivers project. It’s a huge conservation operation, involving 12 organisations and an army of volunteers inspired to give their landscape some TLC.

For Fitzgerald this was one of two schemes on the Beanhill Brook as part of the Telford and Wrekin Civil Engineering Framework.

Lucinda Lycett (Drainage Engineer from Telford & Wrekin) summarised the works being carried out by Fitzgerald

“The Wellington area of Telford drains into the Beanhill Brook. When heavy rain falls on the developed areas (e.g. town centre, roads, car parks), sediment and pollutants such as hydrocarbons are flushed down the surface water drains and then washed into the brook. This situation is fairly typical of urban catchments and the Love Your River Telford project is aiming to help address this and to improve water quality in the Beanhill Brook.

The site we’re working on was historically an ornamental pond, however over the years nature has reclaimed the area and it has become an ephemeral pool with no connection to the brook. Trees have established within the pool and it is now a really good wet woodland habitat. There is a ready-made pond basin with the remains of the old outlet weir still in place and the Love Your River Telford Project is looking to utilise this existing space to help treat first flush pollutants.

To do this we’re installing a new inlet from the watercourse into the pond; this is to pick up some of the flood flows, carrying first flush pollutants, from the brook and divert them into the pool.

The idea is to allowing nature time and space to treat the water before the water then flows over the restored original weir and back into the brook”