Fitzgerald (Civil Engineer Contractors)

First phase of Grantham's long awaited relief road on programme and under budget

The first phase of a long-awaited bypass for Grantham is set to be completed bang on schedule and under budget. The relief road will provide critical support to an SKDC proposal for a 4,000 property development together with employment land and warehousing at both Southern Quadrant and King31 by joining the A52 at Somerby Hill to the A1. The road will cross the Witham Valley, the East Coast railway line and the River Witham by means of a viaduct/bridge to be constructed as part of the road. Fitzgerald Contractors began work on the first section of the Southern Relief Road back in September and the good weather has enabled them to remain on schedule to complete the work by June this year. The work during the initial phase includes a new roundabout off the B1174 and a new section of road leading to a second roundabout. Following completion of the £4m phase one, a further two phases of the relief road will take place at a later date with the entire new main road expected to be operational by 2019. The project is being led by the county council and is supported by South Kesteven District Council, the Greater Lincolnshire LEP, Homes and Communities Agency and local businesses. Project leader Les Outram said: "Phase one of this much-needed relief road remains on track to be completed by June. "Thanks to the good weather at the end of last year we made good progress and have managed to keep to this timescale despite extending the remit of the first phase of work in a bid to save around £155,000 on the whole project." The savings are being achieved by re-using soil from the construction. More than 110,000 tonnes of soil and rubble is required to increase the height of the road and roundabouts and 28,000 tonnes is being used from the site of the second stage of the project – building a roundabout to the west of the A1. Molly McKenzie, Institution of Civil engineers regional director added: "Infrastructure and roads in particular, are vital to society and our quality of life depends on them functioning effectively. "Civil Engineers are trained to find the most sustainable and economic solutions to issues such as those presented by the Grantham Southern Relief Road. "It is excellent news that careful consideration of the project has enabled these significant cost savings and environmental benefits to be made."