Fitzgerald (Civil Engineer Contractors)

Our Communities

The direct beneficiary of our work is the communities in which we live, work and play on a day to day basis. Our Employees, Clients and Partners are passionate about leaving lasting legacies across the Midlands and wider area to ensure a maximum commitment to Corporate Social Responsibility.

We passionately believe that as a local contractor, we can help to make a tangible difference to the communities in which we work. Our Group resources available to us serve to position us in an enviable position at the forefront of Corporate Responsibility.

Economic & Social Sustainability

Our Employees already live in your area and work with us, therefore supporting the local economy and taking pride in what they have achieved as individuals, which again, impacts positively on where they live. We are committed to ensuring that the Midlands £ stays in the Midlands; and the we work with regional partnership to support local Supply Chain Portal to ensure that local purchasing power is maximised for SME’s across the region.

Charitable Events & Local Donations

As an ethical business, our main priority is to ensure that we are giving something back to the communities in which we work and supporting local causes and charities across the region. All of our charity support and events are for those not-for-profit organisations across the Midlands only, with many of them being close to the hearts of our own Employees, Clients or Supply Chain Partners.

Corporate Social Responsibility

Fitzgerald Contractors annually commit to an organised programme of events and to take a proactive role within local communities. This occurs naturally as part of our unique business culture, providing significant benefits by contributing economically, environmentally and socially, often in Partnership with customers and the local community, to provide training and employment opportunities in construction skills.

Our People in Action

Our Employees and Supply Chain are our ambassadors and it is these individuals and their collective efforts that continue to build and enhance our reputation. Our employees volunteer to support local initiatives and we are happy to assist them in their efforts to enhance and make a positive impact on our communities. Many of the community initiatives undertaken are suggested by our Employees and Supply Chain as a way of giving something back. This are then audited and run through a Corporate Social Responsibility Steering Group made up of Senior Directors and Managers from across the business.

Schools and Colleges

A core part of our business ethos, is to ensure that we understand that the future of our industry is reliant upon young people. We work with schools and colleges to ensure that fully integrate and promote the opportunities which are available. In addition, we also undertake Work Experience Placements, Apprenticeships and host events in partnership with educational establishments across the region.

Accreditations and Affiliations