Fitzgerald (Civil Engineer Contractors)

Why Fitzgerald?

The companies unique focus on our Clients is because the company is owned and managed on a day to day basis by Directors and Employees who care and are passionate about the Fitzgerald reputation, ongoing success and benefits from a growing portfolio of well satisfied Clients and numerous industry awards and accolades.

Through our head office, based in Birmingham, we can provide localised delivery with established professional teams through directly employed local labour and our long established Supply Chains who share our values and commitment of service.

The company has welcomed and fully embraced the objectives and recommendations of various Governmental Reports to modernise construction and to focus on greater efficiency across all of our operations, excellence and exemplary service.

However, we still secure 20% of work through traditional one off competitive tendering, ensuring that we are aware of the marketplace and can provide overview and analysis to benefit all of our Clients, whatever their preferred procurement route.

Accreditations and Affiliations