Fitzgerald (Civil Engineer Contractors)

Our Partnering Ethos

We have built an excellent reputation for partnering formally and informally with our clients, sub-contractors and suppliers. These relationships are the cornerstone of our business and an important part of our approach to delivering our projects.

We welcome and encourage open dialogue at every stage of the estimating, construction and project management process and our experience has proven that this ensures the best route to a successful project. Partnering is a cooperative collaborative relationship where the objective must be to jointly provide and deliver an enhanced service to the benefit of all customers and stakeholders.

Our Experience
We have extensive experience of working with a diverse range of clients (including many local authorities & other public bodies / organisations) under a partnering agreement to maximise best value. We have found that an open-book collaborative approach ensures that the cooperation between client, contractor & supply chain runs smoothly, and that the coordination between all parties is carried out effectively.

Our Approach
Our approach is tried and tested. Over the past decade, we have worked collaboratively within frameworks and partnerships across a number of complimentary sectors.

Tangible Project Benefits
This broad experience allows us a unique knowledge of what works, identifying areas of innovation which can realise tangible project benefits. Our approach is inclusive of stakeholders, clients, customers, communities, supply chain partners and fellow contractor partners from the earliest possible opportunity to ensure that best practice methods and economies of scale are delivered for the benefit of all.

At the Forefront of Change
Fitzgerald are at the forefront of partnership working and have been involved in numerous award winning projects because of our pioneering approach and ability to constantly deliver and meet the stakeholders’ aspirations. It is also the unique mix of professionalism we can bring in respect of process mapping, lean management, corporate social responsibility and focus year on year continuous improvement across everything that we do.

Why work with Fitzgerald Contractors?
Partnering is talked about a great deal by many in our sector, but we have a proven track record of delivery in respect of all the key business drivers, including quality, time and cost and have been awarded by our peers in the industry for our commitment to making a step change in partnering.

Accreditations and Affiliations