Fitzgerald (Civil Engineer Contractors)

Corporate Governance & Policies

As a business, we are aware that our daily activities has an affect on many of our stakeholders, including employees, supply chain partners, clients and external stakeholders to the business. As part of our transparency and open-book working as a business, we have included our core policies.

Asbestos Policy

There is a major hazard associated with working with Asbestos Containing Material(ACM). It is therefore essential that all legislation and procedures are complied with fully in order to protect everyone. Fitzgerald's policy is to use only licensed contractors for all works associated with notifiable ACM regardless of type or location.

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Corporate Responsibility Policy

Adherence to the law of the land and current legislation, which operates. Sustainability through consideration of all economic, environmental and social issues when undertaking feasibility assessment, design, construction and use of new developments

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CSCS Policy

It is the stated aim of the company that all employees who either work on, or visit Fitzgerald Contractors sites, will have successfully completed the Construction Skills Certificate Scheme(CSCS). In further support of the scheme, the company is actively working towards 100% compliance from its supply chain.

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Customer Care Policy

In conjunction with BS EN IS0 9001/2000 certification, which controls compliance with the company’s documented quality procedures, this policy extends our commitment by including the considered views and comments of our Clients, Stakeholders, Professionals, Supply Chain Residents, and Fitzgeralds own staff.

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Environmental Policy

This policy demonstrates Fitzgeralds commitment to managing the environmental aspects and impacts as a consequence of our activities. By ensuring company wide compliance with our third party accredited ISO14001 Environmental Management System and with the support of external auditing we are able to demonstrate a reduction in our impact across a range of environmental issues.

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Environmental Procurement Policy

Fitzgerald recognises that environmental issues affect every part of our business, we would therefore take account of this in all our purchasing and Supply Chain activities. To this end, the policy has been formulated to supplement the existing procurement policy by providing guidence on our environmental principles

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Equal Opportunities Policy

Fitzgerald is committed to providing equal opportunities and to avoiding unlawful discrimination in employment or to customers. This policy is intended to assist the Company to put this commitment into practice. Compliance with this policy should also ensure that employees do not commit unlawful acts of discrimination

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Health, Safety and Welfare Policy Statement

Fitzgerald is passionate about safety which is our paramount consideration when planning and delivering projects. This statement outlines the Company's commitment to fulfil it moral, legal and economic responsibilities.

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Quality Policy

In all aspects of its activities, it is the Company’s policy to strive for the highest level of quality and excellence and to complete all projects on time, within budget, in conformance with the requirements of the contract and to the complete satisfaction of the client.

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Supply Chain Policy

Fitzgerald has an established Supply Chain which has consistently demonstrated consistent delivery and a collaborative ethoswithin competitive and Best Value projectswith ethical and auditable frameworks.

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Training Policy

The overall policy of the company is to develop and expand its construction activities throughout the Midlands and surrounding areas. The importance and benefits of appropriate training and development at all levels of staff is recognised and forms an essential part of this policy.

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Accreditations and Affiliations